Hello there 😊, I am Shalinda Fernando. I’m really passionate about coding & application security when I was around 16 years old.

I was into coding after watching some of the coding tutorials made by Bucky Roberts (The creator of TheNewBoston YouTube channel). The way he taught coding was impressive and I liked it. I really felt the power of programming.

After coding for something (a year or 2) I faced some issues. Security issues to be precise. So I had to learn how to fix them. Later after learning more and more security-related concepts I was fond of it. I participated in CTF (Capture the Flag) programs, bug bounties, hanging around with the infosec security community folks who are fond of technology same as me. I felt like β€œMan I’m a part of this. I’m really enjoying this πŸ’―. I should do this forever πŸ™Œβ€.

[+] Tryhackme​

TryHackMe is an amazing platform to practice and improve your cybersecurity skills. It offers you minified gaming sort of challenges to help you learn in a unique style. I got to say I really enjoy the learning experience I had with TryHackMe.

>> Badges <<

>> Creations <<

Psycho Break

This room is based on a video game called evil within. I am a huge fan of this game. So I decided to make a CTF on it. With my own storyline :).

[+] Courses:

Udemy :

[+] Contact

Feel free to contact me.

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10 months ago

hey dude! I like your content, its amazing! cheers

9 months ago
Reply to  shafdo

Yeah, that’s very cool. Do you have LinkedIn ? maybe we can connect

badboy 17
badboy 17
8 months ago

Hello Borther.First of all thanks for your amazing content.β™₯️
i need a help about github pages….
Will u help me?
through mail or twitter?

badboy 17
badboy 17
8 months ago
Reply to  shafdo

your inbox is locked πŸ™
this is my twitter @B4DB0Y_I7

Shane Umayanga
6 months ago

Great content bro, keep it up!!!