THM Writeup: Jack-of-All-Trades

Ok first of all I started with a Nmap scan. Discovered 2 open ports. But the services look wired because port 22 usually runs ssh while port 80 runs a web server. I tried accessing port 22 on my browser (firefox) and there was an error msg. Port 22 is a network port and by default, browsers don’t allow to […]

THM Writeup: CTF collection Vol.1

[ Task 2 ] What does the base said? This is a base64 encoded string. You can recognize it with the equals (=) at the end. [ Task 3 ] Meta meta This task requires you to download a normal jpg image file. You can use the strings command to show all the printable characters from a file. I used […]

THM Writeup: Hydra

I am going to be continuing from the task 2 box. The target IP has an HTTP login page on it. The objective of challenge 1 is to find user molly’s password. To brute force with hydra, you will need the POST request that is being sent to the server for the login attempt. To get the POST request I […]